Halkidiki in winter

Halkidiki in winter

The holiday paradise of Halkidiki with its many sights is in great demand in summer – but what about in the winter months? Spoilt by the sun in summer, with pleasant temperatures and a solid water temperature, Halkidiki has everything you need for a wonderful beach holiday. But what about Halkidiki in winter, you can still experience a lot in the early winter months. In October, for example, you can still experience beautiful beach days, go hiking or simply relax.

October and November on the Halkidiki peninsula

In winter, Halkidiki is no longer suitable for a pure beach holiday, but the months of October and November are still very mild. Daytime temperatures are between 21° and 16° degrees. At night, however, it can get much cooler and temperatures can drop to 11° to 7° degrees. However, the average water temperature is still between 21° and 17° degrees. You can expect an average of 5-7 days of rain and the sun shines between 6 and 4 a day.

October and November are therefore the perfect months for hiking and pilgrimages in Halkidiki. You can also escape the winter for a while and relax with sunny walks on the beach. Discover the ancient city of Olynthos or be mesmerised by the Petralona cave. Halkidiki has some cultural highlights and archaeological areas. On Kassandra there are thermal baths that are open all year round, located near the village of Agia Paraskeyi.

December, January and February in Halkidiki

Halkidiki in winter – During the months the temperature continues to drop to between 9°-11° degrees. At night it can drop down to 1° degrees. The hours of sunshine are between 4 and 5, but the water temperature has dropped significantly to 12°-13° degrees. During these months, the hotels, bars and restaurants are often closed and take a winter break. Nature recovers from the many hot days and hours of sunshine – it also goes into hibernation!

Halkidiki in winter - temperatures of water, air and rainy days
Halkidiki in winter – temperatures of water, air and rainy days