Sights and Places of interest in Chalkidiki

Greece Chalkidiki

A memorable vacation

There are many fascinating and beautiful sights in Halkidiki that you should visit and see during your visit to the peninsula. You already land in the historical capital of Chalkidiki – Thessaloniki. Divide your trip exactly according to your taste. Take a sailing trip, a hiking tour, a day trip to Metéora. Alternatively, you can book the excursions to the sights of Chalkidiki, for example, through the various providers directly on the spot.

On your own – rental car the best choice

Also highly recommended, if not the tip par excellence for a beautiful Greece vacation on the peninsula: simply book on your own a rental car and explore the sights, historical excavation sites or even the wonderful beaches. Compared to other destinations, the prices and costs for a rental car in Greece are still quite bearable. In most hotels and touristy places you have an acceptable choice of different providers for renting a car.  However, such an approach for day trips requires thorough planning and some time management to accommodate all routes and destinations as possible one after the other and compact on one route.

Sights & You must have seen this

Some travel guides for Halkidiki in book form already offer recommended routes in advance to take as much as possible of the country and its people on a trip to the sights of Halkidiki. Check out the various dream beaches on Sithonia, or relax in the perfect chill out location. Discover the feel-good spots on Kassandra or go shopping at a market, and if it’s a rainy day, you could visit the Petralona Dripstone Cave. There is something for everyone. The clear water in the bays is of course an invitation to dive and discover the underwater world.

Day trips to Mount Olympus and Metéora monasteries

A combination of day trips from the tour company and discoveries on their own would also be a possibility, where no wish remains unfulfilled, and many destinations can be approached. We have also chosen this method ourselves and have done well with it. More distant destinations such as the Olympus Mountains and the monasteries of Metéora are best comfortably managed with an organized trip with a coach. The destinations to the individual sights, such as the fortress of Rentina, the ghost town “Parthenonas”, or the ruins of Lekythos Castle can be explored, however, easily on their own on a round trip with a rental car. Just pack some provisions, the photo bag and the bathing suits and go, there is much to discover, which makes the vacation in Chalkidiki an unforgettable experience.

Other attractions on the peninsula

  • Orange Beach on Sithonia is a wonderful beach and shows the strong side of nature through the imposing stone formations.
  • Lerissos and surroundings belong to the finger Athos of Chalkidiki, the landmark and namely the ancient fortified tower Ouranoupolis also belongs to this region
  • Boat trip around the monastic republic of Athos is very useful and also impressive if you want to see the monasteries of Athos as women are not allowed to enter the monastic republic of Athos.
  • Drenia islands are located near the peninsula of Athos
  • Athos – peninsula and monastic republic of Chalkidiki
  • Waterland Chalkidiki – excursion that makes children’s hearts beat faster
  • Peninsula Sithonia – churches and sights
  • Stageira and the temple of Ammon Zeus are excavation sites, in the hinterland and on Kassandra
  • Kelyfos the turtle island
  • Polichrono/Turtle Lake
  • Nikiti great place with all water sports and a wonderful beach