Polygyros is the so-called capital/prefecture of Chalkidiki and has about 6,000 inhabitants. The small town, called Πολύγυρος in Greek, is located in the center and backcountry of Chalkidiki and is west of the Cholomondas Mountains. The charming mountain village in Central Macedonia has a charming pedestrian zone with pretty taverns and cafés.

Polygyros Church

The locals of the former administrative seat of the former prefecture of Chalkidiki are very hospitable and welcome tourists with open hearts. One feels safe and pleasantly cared for. Typical wines and food are offered. In addition, the city has a small museum to offer, with various excavation finds of Chalkidiki.

Polygyros insider tips and sights

The charming chapel and a breathtaking view from a mountain top will entice you to dream and take you back to another time. Again, it is recommended to book a rental car and make a day trip. For example, you could start in Olynthos, then continue to Kalives and then to Polygyros.

Another possibility would be to make a small detour via Ormilia and visit the women’s monastery there. During a round trip, you should definitely make a detour to Polygyros to get to know the charm of the small town in the mountains.

Sights: Archaeological Museum

Finds from all over the region are exhibited here. It is one of the most important archaeological museums of the Chalkidiki Peninsula and is located in Heroon Square in the center of the city. The on-site archaeological museum houses a beautiful collection of archaeological finds from all over the former prefecture of Chalkidiki.

The finds such as statues, mosaics and ampores cover the period from the Bronze Age, through the Hellenistic period to the Roman period and are mainly from ancient Stagira, ancient Toroni, Pirgadikia, Afitos, Polygyros, Lerissos, Stratoni and the ancient city of Olynthos.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday (Tuesday closed)
Opening hours: 08.30 am – 15.30 pm
Tel.: +30 23710 22148, +30 23710 21330

Impressions of the sights of the place

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