Toroni is located on the southwest coast of Sithonia and is 140 km away from Thessaloniki. The name comes from mythology, namely, the wife of Proteus (son of Poseidon) was called Toroni. In Toroni is with the Toroneos bay a 3 km long bathing bay and still small bays surrounded by cliffs and unique rocks.

Most of the locals are now engaged in tourism; however, traditional agriculture and fishing still exist as the main source of income. The coastal village of Sithonia is about 26 km from Neos Marmaras and is located in front of the village of Porto Koufo.

Toroni Beach
Whimsical rocks of Toroni

Toroni Beach at Toroneos Bay

Here you can relax as a day tourist or vacationer in peace, swim and thanks to the clear water also snorkel well. The bays are not overcrowded and if you are lucky, you are alone on the beach. The beaches of Toroneas Bay are considered a vacation tip because they are bright and fine – and the water beautifully shimmering.

Numerous beach bars and kiosks offer refreshments and snacks to thirsty vacationers. During the peak tourist season, the middle section of the beach is often well filled with kiosks and beach chairs there. If you want it a little quieter, you should therefore switch to the beach sections at the beginning and end.

Photos and impressions of the beach and bay can be taken from the following picture gallery and you can decide for yourself whether a vacation or a visit to the beach of Toroni is worth it. We think, definitely yes!

Sights of Toroni: versatile and enchanting

The taverns and restaurants conjure up traditional Mediterranean dishes. Furthermore, you will find small cafés and a supermarket. The ruins of the Byzantine fort await you at the end of the long beach on a small cliff.

The ancient village was a prosperous city in Chalkidiki and was allied with Sparta before being defeated in various wars with Philip the 2nd by the Macedonians and later by the Romans. The ancient city enjoyed great prestige, the landmark of Toroni was the Christian basilica “Agios Athanassio” until the 6th century AD.

Unfortunately, the basilica was completely destroyed by fire. The ancient port has unfortunately sunk. However, those interested can visit the ancient harbor by diving under the water surface. A well-known local diving center is called Azure Diving Center.

Vacations in the Toroni region: Other sights, insider tips and recommendations

In the village with less than 300 local inhabitants offers for accommodation and vacation apartments and hotels in all price ranges, as well as a campsite is an ideal place for caravans and motor homes and caravans. For sun lovers, we recommend booking a sun bed at the beach.

Another sight in the coastal village is the ruins of Lekythos Castle (Likithos/Likythos). The following video shows the remains of the former castle of Toroni on the edge of Toroneos Bay.

Toroni sights, events and insider tips

In summer, the village of Toroni always hosts festivals or lively theatrical performances. First and foremost is the Festival of Tradition in June, on the Whitsun weekend, with music, dance and theater performances. The Greek flair and the beach ambience are quite refreshing and fancy.

Image source: Ruin Toroni from Wikipedia, photographer: Kramer96