Halkidiki – a hiker’s paradise at any time of year

Halkidiki not only offers a wonderful cultural and beach holiday, but also fulfils every hiker’s heart. The expressive and impressive nature of Halkidiki can be explored at any time of year. This natural beauty offers hikers great mountain ranges, dense pine and chestnut forests, lush meadows and dream beaches.

Halkidiki - a hiker's paradise at any time of year

Hiking in Halkidiki – something for every level of difficulty

It is best to choose the hiking routes according to the level of difficulty and your individual fitness level. The easier and flatter hiking routes are on the Kassandra peninsula. This is much flatter than Sithonia and Athos. It is therefore the ideal area for beginners to try out.

Sithonia and Athos are ideal for advanced hikers. The Itamos (Greek: Ίταμος) mountain range runs through Sithonia. This mountain range is forested and smells of pine and pine trees. The Holomondas mountain range also invites hiking enthusiasts to hike and explore. These beautiful paths offer breathtaking views and marvellous scenery.

You will find signposted hiking routes everywhere in Halkidiki. These range from easy to challenging. You decide the appropriate level of difficulty.

The 2000 metre high Mount Athos belongs to the third finger of Halkidiki – Athos. However, this monastic republic may only be entered by men.

Examples of hiking routes are

  • Hike to the turtle lake Mavrobara – round trip from Polichrono
  • From Neos Marmaras – Parthenon approx. 4 hours one way
  • Sani – From Stavronikita Castle through the forest and water meadows of Nea Fokea and back to the castle (2 ½ hours)